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Here you'll find a complete list of all Sherry Bomb's current acts available for booking.


With an eclectic style and wide range of themes, Sherry has something perfect for any show.  Whether it is an unusual reveal, or a cheeky punch line, there is always more than meets the eye.


Every costume is an original Sherry Bomb Design, made to tantalize and tease! Awarded Best Costume at the San Antonio Burlesque Festival 2014 and the South Texas Burlesque Revival 2015, her dynamic and charming style is brighter than an atomic bomb, and hotter than an incendiary inferno.


She's the Slow Burning Fuse with a BIG BANG!


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Music: “Goodbye” Feder

Length: 4:05

Sherry Bomb brings something HOT to the Bat City Bombshell's It's Hot, Take it Off Show 2018

High Enough

Music: “High Enough” K Flay

Length: 3:51

Sherry has learned over the years that a lot of people and things in this life will let you down, but there is always one thing that will be there to lift her back up, and there's just nothing like it.  Performed at the Bat City Bombshell's Dancing With Mary Jane Burlesque Show April 2018.

Daydream in Blue

Music: “Daydream in Blue” I Monster

Length: 3:40

Join Sherry Bomb as she takes an ethereal stroll through the poppy fields, she just can't help but stay for a while. Performed at the 2018 Texas Burlesque Festival.

Orchid Duet

Music: “Flower Duet” Delibes Lakme “Aria on Air”  Malcom McLaren

Length: 4:22

This opulent debutante celebrates the most suggestive of floral arrangements.  With a flirtatious air, Sherry finds the perfect dance partner. Performed at Texas Burlesque Fest, San Antonio Burlesque Festival , Houston Burlesque Festival, ABurlyQ, Windy City Burlesque Festival, and awarded Best Costume at the South Texas Burlesque Revival in Corpus Christi, TX.

My Type

Music: “My Type” Saints Motel

Length: 3:26

Sherry brings out her inner Disco Queen in an upbeat celebration of all types.  Perfect for any queer-lesque,  Pride, or 70’s Disco burlesque show. Performed at Bat City Bombshell's Collaborative Strip, Glitter Bomb Revue in Denton, The Austin Queerlesque Showcase, the Texas Burlesque Festival 2017, and Legislate This.

Witch Drums 

Music: “Cupid Carries a Gun” Marilyn Manson

Length: 4:59

Sherry Bomb is going back to her New England roots and celebrating the Sabbat as only a Salem witch could. Debuted at the Bat City Bombshell's Tits-or-Treats show.

Rainy Day Sherry

Music: “Rainy Day Woman” Tom Corwin and Tim Hockenberry; Jimi Hendrix

Length: 4:56

This showgirl celebrates her favorite pastime, getting rhine-stoned!  With a swish of her luxurious duster, she can convince anyone to join her smoking circle.  Performed at the Bat City Bombshells Dancing with Mary Jane show, and GlitterBomb in Denton, TX, this classic styled number will grind any weed into rolling perfection!

Free Animal

Music: “Free Animal” Foreign Air

Length: 3:00

Sherry lets out her inner Animal, and she's on the prowl. Debuted at the Bat City Bombshell's Anti-Valentine's Day show, she kicked off the night with a bang and a howl!

Devil in Blue Velvet

Music: “Blue Velvet” Lana Del Rey & “Devil in a Blue Dress” Mitch Ryder

Length: 4:01

Sherry Bomb gives classic strip a twist and a shake in this energetic act with a devilish secret.  Performed at the Texas Burlesque Festival, San Antonio Burlesque Festival, & Minneapolis Burlesque Festival.

The Grand Nagus

Music: “Paper Plane” MIA & “Royal” Lorde mashup

Length: 4:33

The Grand Nagus, Economic leader of the great Ferengi Alliance, is opening negotiations, there is profit to be had!  Sherry brings this Star Trek character to life in her most viewed video on Youtube.  Debuted at the Austin Burlesque Alliance Star Trek Burlesque Show, this routine is perfect for any nerdlesque or Star Trek themed show.

Devil's Whisper

Music: “Devil’s Whisper” by Raury

Length: 3:45

You better run, otherwise Sherry will have a fiendishly good time with your soul.  This fiery fan dance will enthrall and entice.  Performed at the Glitter Bomb Revue in Denton, TX, Bat City Bombshell's Tits-or-Treats and Classic Villains show.

Angel of Death: American Horror Story

Music: “Gods and Monsters” by Jessica Lange

Length: 4:15

Sherry delves into the dark side of life… and death, in this recreation of American Horror Story’s Angel of Death (s02).  Performed at the Bat City Bombshells annual Tits-or-Treats and Classic Villains show, the Plum Askew Revue’s American Horror Story Strip, and the Glitterati Revue’s Devious Dames and Other Vexing Vixens show.

Just a Hello Kitty

Music: "I'm Just a Girl" No Doubt

Length: 3:59

Sherry brings her favorite cute character to the stage, but don't let that cute kitty fool you, she is not JUST a girl, bitch please!  Debuted at the Rebel Girrl Burlesque show, a charity for Safe Space Austin, and performed at Viva Dallas 2017.


Music: “Something to Believe In” Young the Giant

Length: 3:48

Sherry Bomb brings Final Fantasy to life as Yuna as she battles Sin, a monstrous creature that terrorizes the world of Spira, and summons the souls of the departed to eternal peace. Performed at the Bat City Bombshell's Game Night 2017.


Music: "Steps of the Palace" Into the Woods, “Fairytale” Alexander Rybak

Length: 5:54

Sherry Bomb dons some sparkling Disney princess delights, with an Into the Woods twist.  Sherry shows she will give up everything for her prince, except the shoes (performed entirely with only one shoe on)!  Performed at Dem Damn Dames’ F*ck Prince Charming Fairytale Show, Viva Dallas Bedtime Stories, and the Austin Academy of Burlesque Showcase.

The Walk

Music: “The Walk” Mayer Hawthorne

Length: 3:38

Sherry says so long to those who do her wrong while she struts her stuff with attitude.  Debuted at the Bat City Bombshell's Anti-Valentine's Day show.

Seven Years in Tibet

Music: "Seven Years in Tibet" David Bowie

Length: 5:47

Sherry praises her music icon David Bowie in this sultry classic strip.  Performed at the Bat City Bombshell's Anti-Valentine's Day show, and Blackstar- A David Bowie Tribute.

Dark Paradise

Music: “Dark Paradise” Lana Del Rey Parov Stellar Remix

Length: 4:21

Now is the time to close your eyes, and drift off to a Dark Paradise.  With the use of creative costuming and light effects, this routine is the light through the darkness.  Performed at the Bat City Bombshell's It's Hot, Take it Off, and Spanksgiving.

Folding Chair

Music: “Folding Chair” Regina Spektor

Length: 3:35

It’s Summertime, and Sherry is ready for the beach!  She has everything she needs to lay out in the sun, but darn if she just can’t apply sunscreen to those hard-to-reach places!  Sherry enlists the help of a fellow beach-goer, who is more than happy to assist.  Performed at the Bat City Bombshells Pasties for Patriots show, this clever and cheery routine is fun in the sun!

Frisky Peacock

Music: “Jungle Drums” Clebanoff Strings & “Chant to the Night” Juan Garcia Esquivel

Length: 3:51

Sherry Bomb heard the call of the wild, in her own sparkly way!  This Peacock showgirl shook her tail feathers at the Texas Burlesque Festival, Pasties for Paws Burlesque Festival, the World Famous Jigglewatts Revue, ABurly Q , and was awarded Best Costume at the San Antonio Burlesque Festival.  With her creative tail and fanciful flamboyance, Sherry’s classic style will dazzle the audience.